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Virginia Commonwealth University/Medical College of Virginia

Frank Zilm & Associates, Inc., in conjunction with Douglass Planning and Orr Architectural Consulting, has recently led the development of functional programming for a major New Tower Addition to the Medical College of Virginia campus of Virginia Commonwealth University.  The Tower will include 244 new critical care and acute beds, including a new Burn Unit, NICU. additional space for Surgery and support functions.  The Tower will provide state of the art, all private patient rooms, designed to integrate families into the patient care environment.  Appropriate support space and system will be provided on each level of the Tower.  This project is envisioned as the first phase of a master plan developed by Douglass Planning.

The planning process at VCU first centered on development of common building and patient room characteristics and then identified unique requirements for each of the services anticipated to be initial occupants. CAD models of patient care requirements and room organizational options were used to determine the desired patient room dimensions.  Faculty, nursing, and administrative staff were actively involved in the programming process.


Critical Care Hospital Addition.
Neonatal Intensive Care single patient room.

Typical inpatient room