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The Space Planner Toolkit

The Space Planner Toolkit: Hospital Edition is an easy-to-use spreadsheet program that incorporates state-of-the-art thinking into an approach that is quick, accurate, and flexible. This tool can be used to provide benchmarks for master planning and for preliminary estimates for specific projects. Information and space calculations are organized into logical subgrouping for easy retrieval.

Anyone familiar with computer spreadsheets can immediately use this tool. It’s open structure is designed to allow experienced used to modify the programs to address institution specific activities, programs, or organization. Computer output is designed to be concise and easy to read, providing important records of key assumptions, workloads, and project cost estimates.



Sample worksheet for Surgical Services:

wpe5.jpg (76493 bytes)


Integration of Information

The space estimating methodology uses key workload assumptions for hospital services to estimate major space elements. This approach allow the quick comparison of activity and space levels for similar components within a large hospital systems and for the analysis of space needs for program consolidations or expansions.


wpe1.jpg (26310 bytes)

The space and cost summary components of the Space Planner Toolkit are fed data automatically from the services under analysis, avoiding the risk of building preliminary costs estimates from out of date information. A comprehensive listing of project cost elements is included to provide an clear record of what expenses are include in a project budget.  

Sample of Project Cost Summary:

wpe6.jpg (68057 bytes)


This program, developed by Frank Zilm & Associates, Inc., is available for $495 through the American Hospital Association

 1-800-AHA-2626, item # 043123.