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Strong Memorial Hospital
Emergency Service

The Emergency Service of Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester, New York is a major trauma center for the region, seeing over 50,000 annual visits, including adult, psychiatric, pediatric, and trauma services.  The service is a major training site for Surgery, Emergency Medicine, Pediatrics, Psychiatry and other programs.  

As a member of the planning team, Frank Zilm & Associates, Inc. worked with the project architect, The Harrell Group, Inc. to develop a program and innovative concept which optimizes staff efficiency while provide functional work areas for the program elements and significant improvements in patient and family support.  Planning involved the rapid development of a computer simulation model to estimate room requirements, space programming and assistance in design concepts.  Using MedModel, a simulation of existing treatment room needs and future needs were developed based on current utilization patterns and anticipated changes resulting from the proposed design.

The recently competed building supports the Emergency service on two levels, with the core trauma, adult, express care, clinical decision unit, and pediatrics on the main hospital entry level.  Psychiatric services and administrative offices are located above the ER on level two of the building. Patient care areas include 8 critical care beds, 25 adult beds, 8 pediatric treatment areas, nine clinical decision beds, and 6 express care beds.  There are 10 psychiatric treatment areas on the second floor.  The total area of the Emergency service is approximately 40,000 gross square feet.

Selected pictures of the building are available in our Site Visits section.  Also visit The Harrell Group web site at