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Frank Zilm brings over thirty years experience in the planning and programming of healthcare facilities throughout the United States, unique analytical skills, and research experience to address contemporary health care needs.  His experience includes working within hospital administrations, with major architectural firms, and for the past twenty years as a planning consulting. His graduate education focused on health facilities planning and design, with a doctoral dissertation at the University of Michigan on "The Effectiveness of Computer Modeling in the Planning of Medical Centers."  Frank has completed master planning, programming, and design studies for major medical center including M.D. Anderson, The Cleveland Clinic, The University of Cincinnati, Children’s Hospitals and Clinic, University Medical Center at Princeton, and community hospitals throughout the US.

Frank is a past president of the AIA Academy on Architecture for Health, and a founding Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Architects.  He has published numerous articles on healthcare planning, lectures throughout the United States, and is the co-author of the The Space Planner Toolkit, an AHA program for planning and cost estimating.

Dr. Zilm is the Chester Dean Lecturer on Healthcare Design at the University of Kansas School of Architecture, Design, and Planning.

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