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  Frank Zilm receives "Top 10" honor

Healthcare Design magazine awarded Frank Zilm it's first "Top 10" award as the top national educator in 2013.  Based on open nominations from throughout the United States, Frank was selected for his work at the Chester Dean Lecturer on Healthcare Design at the University of Kansas and for his participation in national and international professional education programs.

  New Publication on Emergency Design

The American College of Emergency Physicians published this December it's latest edition of Strauss and Mayer's Emergency Department management.  Frank Zilm, Dr. James Augustine and Jeffery Stickler, RN co-authored the chapter on facility design, spanning topics from demand analysis to design topologies.

  Samuel U. Rodgers Health Center Opens

A dedicated effort by the leadership of Samuel U. Rodgers has resulted in the completion of  a major new outpatient building, serving the northeast area of Kansas City, Missouri.  Design by Rafael Architects, the design team worked with Frank Zilm & Associates, Inc. to develop a modular clinic concepts and a strategy for future expansion.

(photo courtesy of Aaron Dougherty)

  Journal of Ambulatory Care Management Article

Emergency services continue to evolve new operational and facility concepts in response to increasing demand for care and pressures for efficient, and safe, patient management.  This paper describes new models for “intake” of patients and for responding to peak demand that are radically changing the traditional emergency service.  Application of Six Sigma and “Lean” analysis techniques are demonstrating dramatic improvements in throughput times and in the utilization of treatment spaces.

This paper provides an overview of the application of LEAN concepts to emergency services.  Case studies of Mary Washington Hospital and Banner Health Corporation illustrate the result of application of these tools.  Implication for the required patient care areas and design concepts are also discussed.

A PDF copy of the article can be downloaded by clicking on the title at the left column.

  Health Facilities Management Article

The November issue of Health Facilities Management magazine included an article on emergency service design by Frank Zilm.  Recent trends in the operations and design of ED's are discussed along with major physical organizational models for the service.  A PDF copy of the article can be downloaded by clicking on the title at the left column.

Among the issues discussed are the application of LEAN and Six Sigma to emergency service operations, and the facility implication of a "chair centric" organization of ED flow.

This article was originally prepared for a presentation given at the 2010 ASHE PDC conference in San Diego, CA. 


  VCU/MCV Critical Care Hospital

The Virginia Commonwealth open the new Critical Care Hospital,  replacing all critical care beds, and expanding acute nursing units, surgery suite, NICU, public lobby, central sterile, and other components.

Programs by Frank Zilm & Associates, Inc. and Orr Architectural Consulting, this project is the first phase of a master plan developed by Robert Douglass, FAIA. 

Frank Zilm & Associates, Inc. followed this work with planning of space vacated by the new addition.


St. Vincent Infirmary ED

Designed by Taggart Foster Currence Gray architects, this major addition to the St. Vincent Infirmary Medical Center campus in Little, Rock, Arkansas include a new emergency service based on a "linear" inner-core concept.  The location of the addition on the site resulted in a unique dual entry solution for the Emergency service, with ambulances arriving underneath the ED and accessing the service from a dedicated elevator.  FZA, Inc. assisted in the programming and design concepts for the emergency service.

  Cleveland Clinic Heart Hospital

The Cleveland Clinic opened its new Sydell and Arnold Miller Family Pavilion and the Glickman Tower in September, 2008, a major addition housing heart and other services, including inpatient and critical care beds.  Designed by Bostwick Design Partnership and NBBJ, the surgery, cardiology and critical care components were programmed by Frank Zilm & Associates, Inc.

  Tampa General Opens New "All Risk" ready Emergency Department

One of the first emergency facilities to incorporate recommendations from the Office of Homeland Security "ER-One" study, Tampa General Hospital recently opened new facilities as part of a major addition to the campus. The 65,000 square foot facility has the capability to virtually triple its capacity through utilization of public spaces, offices, and doubling of exam room capacity.  See the Tampa ED article for a description of the planning process and design concepts.

  Care Medical Research Addition Open at UC

Designed by Studios Architects, this 200,000 square foot building provides major biomedical research, education, and administrative upgrades to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center.  Frank Zilm & Associates, Inc. lead the master planning and programming services for the project.

  New Article on Emergency Department Planning

The July, 2007 issue of The Journal of Ambulatory Care Management includes an article by Frank Zilm on new trends in planning for emergency services.  The article explores recent utilization patterns and organizational models for care and facilities implication.

A PDF copy of the article can be view by open the file "New Generation of ED."

Research Study on Net to Gross Ratios nears completion

A research study of departmental net to gross ratios conducted by Clemson and Texas A&M universities has recently been published.  This study, funded by Frank Zilm & Associates, Inc. and others, analyzes grossing ratios for five hospital departments experiencing rapid change - surgery, ER, ICU, acute med/surgical nursing units and imaging.  See link on left of this page to download a cope of the report.

Emergency Service Exam Room Study

Frank Zilm & Associates, Inc. sponsored a research study on the emergency service exam room.  This Student project is a combined effort of architecture and industrial design student, led by Professors Kent Spreckelmeyer and Richard Brandon.  Mock-up room layouts were recently tested with staff at North Kansas City Hospital.  A PDF of the study is posted in the left column "KU Study"

New Article on ED Design and Epidemics

The March, 2006 issue of Health Facilities Management (Vol. 19, No 3), includes "Planning for the Worst: Is your emergency facility ready for epidemic and special-risk patients," authored by Frank Zilm.  The article outlines key design issues for the protection of staff, the hospital and patients when presented with special risk infectious patients or in the event of an epidemic.  A PDF copy of the article is available for review.


The July issue of the Journal of Ambulatory Management includes a lead article on "Estimating Emergency Treatment Bed Needs" by Frank Zilm This paper presents a comprehensive analysis of factors that can should be evaluated in estimating emergency service treatment needs Results of simulation models of typical patient flow and length of stay patterns are presented, with tabular listing of the resulting bed needs A pdf copy of this article is included on this web page.

Check the June 2003 issue of Health Facilities Management for the article "ED innovations: New Challenges require new ideas," authored by Frank Zilm and Jim Lennon. Or click on the menu item at the left to download a scanned pdf file of the article.