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A planning firm focused on helping health and educational institutions make the right decisions about space and buildings. The experience of over 300 studies, combined with unique analytical skills and information systems, provides Frank Zilm & Associates, Inc. (FZA,Inc.) with a broad base of ideas and tools.

Services provided by FZA,Inc. include:
  •     Facility and site master planning

  •     Space programming and analysis

  •     Operations analysis/computer modeling

  •     Design concepts

Click on any topic listed on the left-hand column to find information regarding health facilities planning and our firm.  The Planning Tools and Techniques section includes terms and definitions, net-to-gross space ratios and bibliographies related to planning.    

For further information, contact Frank Zilm at:
Frank Zilm & Associates, Inc.
1401 W. 50th Terrace
Kansas City, Missouri 64112
Office/Cell Phone(816) 561-7186